Female Tattoo, Lower Back Tattoo, Dragonfly TattooMost tattoo lovers search for designs that are beautiful to look at and also bear deeper meanings. There is a wide array of tattoo designs that one can choose from, but one significant picture that captures beauty is the dragonfly tattoo. What makes this type of design appealing and popular to current tattoo lovers? These kinds of tattoos project beauty and creativity that with its array of different forms and styles, tattoo fans can a pick a model of their choice. The kind of choice one would make would present his or her own creativity and connotation of the drawing. Its popularity also comes from its profound meaning and symbolism. Like the butterfly, it denotes metamorphosis; a transformation from an unlikely beginning to a beautiful ending. This same process can be applied to every individual. Usually those who wish to have this tattoo design somehow went through a similar experience. Dragonflies may appear delicate and dainty, but they also symbolize strength. They are hunters after all; preying on unsuspecting smaller insects and once caught they will be crushed in the dragonflies' strong jaws. Another thing that is eye-catching about the dragonfly is its flapped pair of wings that with its thin body the contrast creates an exceptional image. From a far it can even look like a fairy.

Female Tattoo, Lower Back Tattoo, Dragonfly TattooFemale Tattoo, Lower Back Tattoo, Dragonfly TattooFemale Tattoo, Lower Back Tattoo, Dragonfly Tattoo

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