Star Tattoo, Female Tattoo, Foot TattooPop princess Riyhanna and her boyfriend, Cris Brown, both fans of star tattoo design. Tattoos Riyhanna can be seen in the back and stretch all the way to the back, and Cris Brown has three star tattoo design engraved under the ear. Such a picture is quite attractive to teenagers today. Star tattoo design can be represented in the figures and small groups in which it can fill the entire area of the ankle or the neck area, as in the case Riyhanna. Small star tattoo design are most suitable for girls. They can also be style as a bracelet, like a small line of stars on their wrists and ankles. Shooting star tattoo design is quite masculine and applicable to men. There is a Shooting Star design with the mood of rock music, which are quite attractive to men. Design can be done on the back, arm or leg. In some cases, the name is written in the middle of the stars show that a person is very important to you. The word refers to someone with great popularity in their field, and therefore could be called a "star". There are different colors, which can be used to create the ideal image of the star. Typically, this design will also consist of swirling lines, arcs, or a chain of little stars. This is not just a style that is an interesting star tattoo design, but also its meaning. As the star, it projects a positive attitude. It radiates light, and she decorates the sky on a dark night, and while it is an example of beauty. Keychains small and large stars can be different priorities in life. This may indicate the importance of certain persons to you, some of them may be more important symbol which is a big star, but for smaller stars, they can designate just acquaintances. Using different colors in the chain of stars you can see like a rainbow in the distance. This game is color denotes happiness and care for individual freedom. Star tattoo design teenage favorites for their tattoos. By John Mowatt

Star Tattoo, Female Tattoo, Foot TattooStar Tattoo, Female Tattoo, Foot TattooStar Tattoo, Female Tattoo, Foot Tattoo

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